Picnics and Parties Cookalong

Joanna Schaffalitzky — 

The other week it was cookalong time again and this month's theme was Picnics and Parties. I decided that I would go more for the party than the picnic side of things, and create a menu for a casual summer party.

The main course had to be burgers and since I had recently perfected my burger recipe it seemed like the perfect time to try them out of the rest of my family and see if they agreed. The verdict was unanimous that these were definitely the tastiest homemade burgers they had eaten in quite a while.

With the burgers I made 2 salads, the first a potato and green bean mix that has been a regular feature in my summer cooking for the last couple of years as it's a salad that the Beau will actually eat, mainly because it contains bacon.

The other salad is a more recent addition to the household, put together as a way of using some of the red cabbage that my mum kept getting in her organic veg bag from Home Organics. It's a combination of red cabbage and apple, a lovely balance of sharp, sweet and garlic.

Finally for dessert I made my grandmother's chocolate ice cream. This is quite possibly one of the simplest ice cream recipes that you will ever make. The only thing it requires is a bit of forward planning as, if you don't have an ice cream maker, you need to make it the night before so that it is frozen in time. We had the ice cream with a few raspberries, which were the perfect accompaniment.

All the above dishes can be prepared before hand, leaving you with more time to socialise in the sunshine (or drizzle).


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