Clonakilty by Candlelight

Joanna Schaffalitzky — 

Once again I am delving into my list of posts I should've written so long ago but haven't. This time I really am almost all caught up with myself, I've only got a couple more lurking posts waiting to be published.

This time I am writing a brief account of my evening at the pop up restaurant run by Clonakilty back in February, Clonakilty by Candlelight. Myself and the Beau were invited along as some of the lucky few on Friday 11th February to sample the delights on offer from chef Ted Berner.

We were informed of the secret location of the evening's entertainment on the Thursday and were immediately intrigued by being told it was North Great George's Street, wracking our brains to try and remember what buildings were in that part of the city.

It turned out to be a private house, sometimes used for events, packed full of objects both weird a wonderful. Sorry about the photo quality but I was suffering from serious shaky hands that evening!

We were first ushered into a beautiful, red room decorated with a lot of Eastern art and given a glass of something bubbly (the best way to start any evening). While the guests mingled and chatted, groups were taken out to play a tasting game and then returned to the main room and the circulating canapés of pear and white pudding and a dark chocolate and bacon combination.

Once everyone had gone through the taste tests, we were ushered into the dining room, which was inhabited the largest collection of dolls that I have ever seen.

But that wasn't the only decoration in the room. I was particularly taken with the wall of fans and the ceiling details.

At our tables were place names (with my name spelt almost right), the menus for the evening, as well as some secret messages hidden in the napkins.

Our first course for the evening was a twist on Coddle. It was delicious. A light broth with little bits of rashers and sausages in it along with finely chopped cabbage and leek. I honestly could've eaten ten bowls of it.

While we waited for our main course I took a couple of shots of the table, including one of the Beau.

The main course was a slab of Clonakilty black pudding with a perfectly seared scallop, carrot purée and the chef's homemade apple cider. This was a perfectly balanced dish. The softness of the scallop worked beautifully with the rougher texture of the black pudding. It was yet another dish that left me wanting more and only manners prevented me from licking the plate clean.

Before the evening started I had been puzzling over how Clonakilty would incorporate one of their products into dessert; sticky toffee sausage pudding or a black pudding crumble perhaps?

Rather than these bizarre ideas we were presented with a rick chocolate tart that was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and bacon praline. The bacon praline provided a salty sweetness that complimented the dark chocolate tart perfectly. If this evening taught me one thing it was that bacon is great paired with sweet things.

The dinner was rounded off with a cup of coffee and a shot of Jameson's Special Reserve whiskey. I'm not a whiskey girl, but this went down very smoothly indeed. I was also in love with my coffee cup! Isn't it gorgeous? Some day I will have a set of crockery just like that.

All in all we had a fabulous evening of meeting new people, seeing a new venue and eating Clonakilty products in a meal that wasn't breakfast.

If you're interested you can find the recipes for all the dishes we had that evening here:



Re: Clonakilty by Candlelight

This is so beautiful and elegant! I love it. It seems it tasted just as good as it looked. Lovely!



Re: Clonakilty by Candlelight

It was such a fun evening! I have to say that it was the crockery and cutlery that I loved the most, they were just so beautiful, especially the coffee cup!

gabrielle bowe

Re: Clonakilty by Candlelight

That looks like such a nice venue. It is interesting to see it all dressed up. I went to see that house last year as part of the open house weekend (that event is coming up again in October.) worth a visit.

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