Rhubarb Fool

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The final recipe from my 20 Mile Cookalong is a Rhubarb Fool as a work colleague of mine was kind enough to supply me with a huge bundle of rhubarb when she heard about the challenge.

I've said that you can add between 2 and 4 tablespoons of honey to the rhubarb, this is based on your own tartness tolerance levels. I only put 2 tablespoons on honey into the version I made and thought it tasted fine, but my sister found it a bit too tart. So my advice would be to taste as you go and add more honey if you think you need it.

2 - 4 tbsp
Other Requirements

Chopping board, sharp knife, large pot, small pot, sieve, 2 mixing bowls, a hand blender, whisk and a spatula

First chop the rhubarb down into pieces about 2 inches long and place into a large saucepan.

Add the honey to the pot and place over a medium high heat until the rhubarb has gets soft, about 5 minutes.

Once the pulped rhubarb has cooled a little, strain the juices from it through a sieve into a small saucepan. Don't worry if you don't get a huge amount, it will stretch further than you imagine.

Tip the rhubarb pulp into a mixing bowl and blend so that it becomes nice and smooth. Place in the fridge to chill until you need it.

While the pulp is in the fridge, turn on the heat under your small pot of rhubarb juice and reduce until it becomes slightly thick. You could add a little extra honey at this point to make the sauce a sweet counterpoint to a slightly tart rhubarb fool.

Once thickened, pour the sauce into a little bowl and leave to one side for later.

Next, pour the cream into a bowl and whip it until it's just thick.

Fold the chilled rhubarb pulp bit by bit into the cream using a spatula, until it's all incorporated. This is your last chance to taste it see whether you need to add a little more honey to the mix.

Spoon the finished fool into your serving dishes and spoon about a teaspoon of the sauce over the top.

Garnish and serve. I garnished mine with pineapple sage, which added a lovely additional flavour but you could use mint or perhaps half a strawberry.


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