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Way back last September, the lovely Tom Quinn of, invited me the launch of their new courses and to try out their one day wine appreciation course. I had a marvellous time at both and the Beau has promised that he will finally write about the one day course we both attended soon. He initially promised that back in September, but if it's not written in the next month, I'll do it myself!

Here's Tom telling us about grapes & how they're picked

In the meantime, Tom has now introduced a new course to their repetoire, an evening course that will help you to "taste like a pro".

The course runs for two hours in the evening and will cover the skills you need to ask for advice in shops and restaurants with greater confidence. To quote the man himself:

During the session we will taste a range of wines chosen especially to highlight: sweet versus dry, light versus full-bodied, oaky wine, aged wine, new wine versus old wine. Wines are selected from entry level through to premium 'top shelf' bottles to ensure you can taste wines across a broad range of styles.

During the tasting we will also touch upon food & wine pairing and supply some of Tom's Top Tips when it comes to choosing wine in shops, supermarkets and restaurants.

Having done the one day course, I can say with great authority that Tom is a brilliant teacher and I did leave the event feeling that I had a better understanding of wine and the words used to describe it. If the evening course is even half as good, then it's worth attending!

The evening courses will be running in both Cork and Dublin and cost €65.

As Tom is such a nice guy, he is offering 33% off any online booking made on until Friday 24th June when you use the code smorgasblog.


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