Battle of the (Raspberry) Blondies

Joanna Schaffalitzky — 

On Sunday just passed I was over at my parents' house, just hanging out, writing blog posts and watching Dollhouse on my laptop, when my mum mentioned that there was a punnet of fresh raspberries in the fridge that I could use.

So I started flicking through cookbooks, looking for something to do with the raspberries. Suddenly I remembered seeing a recipe, years ago, in a ladies' magazine for raspberry blondies, the pale sister of the brownie. These I decided would be the perfect use for the fresh raspberries. Now to find a recipe to work from.

This proved to be much more difficult, as nearly all the recipes I found had the measurements in American cups, which is not a scale that I am very familiar with, or if they were in metric then they contained huge amounts of white chocolate, which was not what I wanted at all. Then I had a brainwave; Kristin from Dinner du Jour is an American, but she also puts metric measurements into her recipes, surely at some point she must have made blondies? A quick search and... Success, she had!

Mentioning on Twitter that I had finally found a blondie recipe with metric measurements after lots of fruitless searches, Joanne of Stitch and Bear said that she also had a blondie recipe on her blog that had the metric measures.

Now I had 2 recipes to pick from and I am very indecisive. So since it was a bank holiday Sunday and I had nothing better to do I decided that I would make both versions of the blondie, both flavoured with raspberry, though one would have fresh and the other would have frozen.

So I whipped up a batch of the Dinner du Jour variety first, these contain 2 raising agents and made slightly more mixture than the Stitch and Bear version, which has no raising agent in it. This version also got the frozen raspberries stirred into it before it was put into the baking pan. With the Stitch and Bear blondies, rather than stir through the raspberries, I dropped them into the top of the mixture so that they wouldn't break up and just sink into the baking blondies.

Unfortunately I made my big mistake of the day while pouring the mixture into the baking pan. As I do not own 2 identical brownie type pans, I had decided that I would put the larger volume of mixture batch into the Swiss roll tin I would generally use for brownies and the smaller volume mixture into a deeper, more brownie like pan. This would hopefully result in blondies that were approximately the same density and size.

Guess what I did instead? I mixed up my mixtures. This resulted in really thick blondies from the Dinner du Jour recipe and quite thin ones from the Stitch and Bear one. Not quite the standardised sizing I'd planned initially.

Still it wasn't a total disaster as both sets of blondies have gained approval from nearly everyone. Here are some of the comments made by the various tasters, who so selflessly agreed to try both finished products.

"The fresh raspberries have a better flavour to the frozen."

"The thin blondies have more crunch than the thick ones and I prefer that."

"Too much vanilla in the thicker blondies and they could have more raspberries in them"

"They're both delicious in different ways."

The thinner blondies from Stitch and Bear came out slightly ahead, but I think that's because they ended up a bit crunchier from being thinner. I think I might just have to make them again and confirm the conclusions!



Re: Battle of the (Raspberry) Blondies

There are worse ways to pass a Sunday afternoon! I have to admit though that I actually quite like the sound of white chocolate and raspberry blondies...


Re: Battle of the (Raspberry) Blondies

I can report that the blondies taste even better next day , especially the thicker ones as they become more caramely and slightly chewy.

the thinner ones still tasted good but lost the crunch in the tin overnight!


Re: Battle of the (Raspberry) Blondies

They sound good Kristin, but I know that I would find them tooth-achingly sweet.

I used to work across the road from a café that regularly had a white chocolate & raspberry tart. It was delicious but unbelievably sweet. I can't handle that level of sugar anymore.

Thanks for the update on the blondies at your house mum! Ours are all gone, scoffed by various work colleagues.

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