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Yet another better late than never post I'm afraid (don't worry I'm almost all up to date now). During the first batch of snow last year in December, the Beau and I ventured out to the RDS to visit the Food & Wine Magazine Show. We had been kindly provided with passes by Virginie of French Gourmet Food.

We did manage to catch a couple of the cooking demonstrations but what was the best part of the day for me, and what I'm going to write about now, was a chance to meet so many new food producers and learn about their products.

Due to the huge amounts of snow outside, it was relatively quiet inside when we arrived, this gave us a great chance to have a proper chat with the various producers we met. First up was our ticket benefactor, Virginie of French Gourmet Food. She was selling a wide range of delicious French produce, and being the foie gras fiends that we are, we bought a bloc du foie gras to take home and enjoy over Christmas. Unfortunately, I can't find any contact details for her company online anymore, though I did find this post saying they were relocating. I do hope they set up again soon as their selection of goods was fantastic.

My next stop was a chat with Iseult of The Cake Stand, and tried some of her amazing macaroons. If you're looking for tasty macaroons, she's your lady. I brought some home for my mum and she thought they were excellent too.

I then chatted with a lovely lady that I had met before at the Kilkenny Food Camp, Rebecca from Nutritious Nibbles. Rebecca makes the tastiest gluten free cookies that you will ever taste. Unfortunately for me, at the moment she only supplies to Kilkenny and surrounding areas. She was trying out a new recipe at the fair of orange and cranberry cookies; personally I could've eaten all the samples, so I hope she makes more of them next year!

It was more cookies next door and the Kooky Dough stand. You might remember seeing Sophie and Graham on Dragons' Den earlier this year. I love their ready to bake cookie dough as a special treat on days when I don't feel like baking myself, but still want something sweet. They literally take 15 mins from opening the packet of dough to taking them out of the oven and stuffing them in your mouth.

At this point the Beau had wandered off to investigate the beers available and I found him sampling the Dark Arts porter from the Trouble's Brewing stand. I'm fairly sure it was Stephen that we were chatting with. You can find their delicious beers in fine establishments such as L Mulligan Grocer and Against the Grain.

My final stop of the day for a bit of chit chat was with Mark (I think?) from the Donegal Rapeseed Oil Company. He told me all about the benefits of rapeseed oil and how it has a higher smoke point than olive oil. I bought a couple of bottles of this and I've been using it in my cooking ever since, especially for frying.

All in all we had a great time at the show chatting to people and getting to know about new Irish food companies. I would hope to get back to it again next year.


Jon Hanna

Re: Food & Wine Magazine Show

That beer was tasty. In terms of beer and wine, beer definitely won out at the show; I'd be more of a wine drinker than a beer drinker but apart from the surprisingly interesting Moldavian wine, I wasn't wowed.

It's great to see a lot more in the way of interesting beers the last few years, but the wine should really have been able to keep up too.


Re: Food & Wine Magazine Show

Ooops! I had totally forgotten about the wine bit, that's how unmemorable it was!

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