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I'm not very much of a writer and I've been having a hard time coming up with the words to describe what the weekend in Donegal meant to me. Especially as so many people have written about it far more eloquently than I have already.

It was really invigorating to be around people who are so passionate about food and who didn't think you were weird for whipping out your camera to capture your different meals.

The one thing I really want to do is thank Kristin, Caroline and especially Donal for organising the whole thing. It was a truely Herculean task and the result was spectacular.

Thanks also to Darren for hosting a huge group of people in his garden and plying us with amazing pizza, Mary Margaret and Wille at Westbrook House for being incredibly welcoming, John for organising the rambling house and taking us dancing late on Saturday and Catherine, Lucy and Aoife for being fantastic car companions and never all falling asleep at the same time.

I have been refreshed and renewed by the whole experience. I learned a huge amount, ate a lot of amazing food and tried many new things, including raw black pudding. You can see all my pictures here and here. But I've made a little collage below that I think sums up my feelings about the weekend.



Re: Inishfood

Hello, found your blog :)

Lovely to meet you in Belfast. Looking forward to following your blog, and maybe even taking part in some the the monthly challenges.


Re: Inishfood

Lovely meeting you too! You should have a go at the Cookalongs. All the information about them is on the facebook page, which I link to at the start of each month's cookalong recipe.


Re: Inishfood

We *heart* Inishfood too! What a weekend...


Re: Inishfood

It was so much fun Caroline! Thank you again for organising it. It was weird, by the Sunday evening it felt like it had been a dream. I loved every minute of it.

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