Loulé Market

Joanna Schaffalitzky — 

Another long gap since my last post I'm afraid. This time it was down to hectic work followed by a dose of the flu. Not the best way to spend Christmas!

But I thought as we've had so much cold weather in the last month and as it looks like we are due to have more in the next week that I would dig out the photographs that I took in September when on my holidays in Portugal.

They were all taken at the market in the town of Loulé, which is located on the Algarve not too far from the main city of Faro.

The Loulé Market it open on Saturdays and is thronged with locals and tourists in the summer. It is yet another market that I would like to have access to all year round, especially because of the fish counters, they are amazingly varied.

As well as fresh fish there is also the salted fish which is very popular with the locals. The most common variety of the dried, salted fish is cod.

There is also stands that are piled high with fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers.

The local honey, which is something of a speciality, can also be found in large amounts.

There are also the usual cheese and meat stalls. These are the ones I spend the longest drooling over, trying to work out just how many salamis and cheese rounds I can fit into my suitcase going home. There are also butcher shops that sell raw meat. These are located in shop spaces built into the walls of the market building, along with cafés and shops selling tourist items such as teatowels and painted plates.

And finally there are stalls with baskets full of dried fruits, nuts and spices.

If you're in the area, I highly recommend giving this market a visit, especially if you're staying in self catering accommodation, as you'll be inspired to cook everything!


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