Autumn Fruits

Joanna Schaffalitzky — 

On the 1st of October, the Irish Foodies Cookalong was once again in full swing. Previously featuring pizza, cookies, seafood and vegetarian (which I missed as I was taken out to dinner that evening) cooking, this month the challenge was the seasonally appropriate, Autumn Fruits or TwootyFruity as it was hash tagged on Twitter. The judge for this month's Cookalong is David Llewellyn from Llewellyn's Irish Orchard Produce.

To me the first thing that sprang to mind with autumn fruits was blackberries and apples, but I wanted to do something a little different than a crumble with the two combined, delicious and all as they are.

So I thought about what else could be considered autumnal and my mind strayed to thoughts of wild game. The next part was easy as I had recently seen venison in my local butchers, so I decided on a roasted saddle (or loin) of venison with a blackberry sauce for my main course.

But I also wanted to make a dessert, and I had a pile of apples generously given to me by a colleague at work. When thinking about apple desserts the one image that always pops into my head is that of the artfully layered apple of the French apple tart or Tarte aux Pommes. This then would be my dessert for the evening.

Both dishes went down extremely well with my family and a family friend who happened to be over that evening. The recipes will be posted here later in the week so you too can wow friends and family with some autumnal dishes.


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