Roma Pasta and Pizza Flour

Joanna Schaffalitzky — 

Way back at the end of July, Damien Mulley, announced on Twitter that Roma wanted to send out bags of their new Pasta and Pizza Flour to interested food bloggers. Of course I immediately sent off an email to their representative, Adam, who sent me out, not only the flour, but also a bag of penne in a handy tin.

I finally got a chance to try out the new flour just before I went on holidays. I used it to make a loaf of focaccia and a calzone pizza.

This was my first time ever using the Farina Tipo "00" flour, so I was very interested to see how it would differ from the strong flour that I would usually use for bread and pizza. When I first handled the flour in my mixing bowl, it did seem to feel silkier than strong flour, so of course I took out my stong flour and had a touch test. I wasn't imagining things, it did feel softer and a little less grainy.

Once my two sets of doughs had come together, it was time to knead them. This I did for 10 mins each. The resulting dough was a lot springier than that which I had made previously, whether this was down to the flour or just my kneading technique on the day I couldn't say.

The main difference that I noticed overall between this flour and normal strong flour was in the consistency of the cooked focaccia loaf and the crispness of the pizza base.

Despite me undercooking it, the dough for my calzone was still light and fairly crisp. I can only imagine that if I had managed to hold my hunger in check for 5 more mins it would have been even better.

The focaccia was delicious. The crumb was much lighter than that of my normal bread efforts and it was nice and soft to eat.

All in all I would probably try the Roma flour again, possibly this time to make pasta, though first I have to get a pasta machine. If you are interested in trying out the flour yourself, it can be found in Dunnes Stores and Superquinn. They are also hoping that it will be available in Tesco in the not too distant future.



Re: Roma Pasta and Pizza Flour

The foccacia was really good and next time will be even better with the addition of some red and yellow peppers, a great accompaniment to any italian dish!

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