Competition: Win a Robert Roberts Hamper

Joanna Schaffalitzky — 

Hopefully when this appears I will be on an aeroplane whizzing towards Denmark to spend the weekend with my family. As I am off galivanting I will leave you with the treat of another competition. This time the lovely people from Robert Roberts have a hamper of their award winning tea and coffee to give away.

At the Great Taste Awards, products are blind tasted by a panel of judges. In order to win 1 star, 8 judges have to agree upon its merits and to gain 2 stars, at least 20 judges have to agree. So you can understand that Robert Roberts are pretty happy about their products collectively gaining 12 stars.

What have you got to do in order to get your hot little hands on this basket of goodies, that includes products such as their Campbells tea and their range of coffees? Leave a comment below stating the strangest place you have ever had a cup of tea or coffee. Oddest place, as chosen by my independent adjudicator will be notified as the winner.

Deadline is 10pm Wednesday 18th August.

Please note that we will use your email address to contact the winner and by posting in the comments section you are agreeing to this.

UPDATE (19/08/10): After much deliberation and discussion, the winner of the Robert Roberts Hamper is Siobhany! Congratulations, you'll be getting an email from me to your inbox very soon.



Re: Competition: Win a Robert Roberts Hamper

Strangest place would either be 30,000 feet over the atlantic or in a field

Marion Bruton

Re: Competition: Win a Robert Roberts Hamper

I had the best cup of coffee ever at the top of Carrauntoohil Mountain in Kerry. After a long hard climb, it tasted absolutely fantastic.


Re: Competition: Win a Robert Roberts Hamper

The island of Grimsey, Iceland which is within the artic cirle. The hot coffee went down well.

David McMahon

Re: Competition: Win a Robert Roberts Hamper

When I went camping with my friends, we decided to camp on top of my friends car roof and I had a lovely warm cupa there.


Re: Competition: Win a Robert Roberts Hamper

probably in a treehouse in the amazon rainforest.after realising that we could not hitch our tent,we gave up and succumbed to a tree house above us!we produced the tea from a flask and sat back and enjoyed :)


Re: Competition: Win a Robert Roberts Hamper

Several strange places to be honest, in the Cusack stand,Croke Park watching Wexford in the hurling; top of Mount Leinster on a Sunday morning after a long climb; flask of tea on top of a moving trailer loaded with bales of straw; the strangest is probably with my sister while watching the sunrise over Ayers Rock in Australia!


Re: Competition: Win a Robert Roberts Hamper

Strangest place I've drunk coffee in? Hard to think where it was, I know where some of the Worst cups of coffee were. I didn't drink when I was in college and I used to drink terrible coffee in some pubs where I swear they resented every minute of scraping the semi-solid Maxwell House Mild Blend out of the ancient rusting tin to overcharge me for the displeasure.

I also don't know how I managed to keep drinking coffee after what they did to it in the oncology department in St Vincents, man that was terrible stuff, they deserve to be punished for what they did to good Java Republic Coffee

Actually one of the strangest cups of coffee was while in Germany this year, home of some great coffee where our friends showing us around brought us to McDonalds for a coffee break, it was a bit surreal. Then again I managed to freak a friend out by bringing her to McDonalds near my workplace for a decent cup of sit-down, brought to your table coffee. She wasn't expecting table service!

Robert Simpson

Re: Competition: Win a Robert Roberts Hamper

I used to live on coffee endlessly - I'd parade around the place with a cup, not to mention the thermos I'd take with me when out travelling/cycling so I could get a fix.

All depends on what you mean by strange. I've always found having coffee in graveyards a little odd - seems a little disrespectful. Did it again the other week down in Dublin - though that time in one of those odd graveyard cafes. Is more sinister when you turn up just for the coffee, rather than having a reason to be there.

I've had a couple of coffees while exploring ancient monuments - out in the middle of nowhere sitting in or by a tomb is always odd. In a souterrain is probably the oddest - but cosiest. One was in the middle of a churchyard (I think Glencolumkille) - so I was in a dark underground passage with bodies just feet away behind the earth walls. Nobody saw me, and the souterrain wasn't a grave itself, so it wasn't disrespectful, right?

Diane Jackson

Re: Competition: Win a Robert Roberts Hamper

The strangest place - I was on holidays in Greece and had gone to a little fishing village in the middle of nowhere for the best fish dinner I have ever tasted - we were supposed to stay at the local hostelry but it had been damaged in a storm the previous night so the mayor of the village offered for us to sleep on his boat moored in the harbour - so we had a warm cuppa on the deck of a small fishing boat gazing up at the stars!

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