Chocolate Nut Slice

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This is the first of the biscuits/cookies I made for the Twookie Party. I've modified it a little from the original recipe that's listed in the Best-Ever Book of Cookies by Catherine Atkinson.

My modifications were adding a little plain chocolate in with the milk for the main base of the slice as I think this makes it not as sweet as it is with just milk chocolate. I also added equal amounts of white and plain chocolate, whereas the original recipe says to choose one. My final modification was to add Cointreau into the mix, this I think adds a lovely orange flavour to the chocolate slice.

Milk Chocolate
Plain Chocolate (two lots of 50g)
Rich Tea Biscuits (or any plain biscuit or cookie)
White Chocolate
Chopped Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts or macadamias are best)
Cointreau (optional)
2 tbsps
Other Requirements

Glass bowl, saucepan, and a loaf tin.

This is a nice simple recipe, but the results are fantastic and a slice would make a lovely dessert.

First weigh out all the milk chocolate and 50g of the plain chocolate then break into pieces in a glass bowl. Add the butter.

Put some boiling water into a saucepan that is slightly smaller than your bowl so that the bowl can sit in it without touching the water. Put the pot on a low heat so that the water stays just under a simmer to help melt the chocolate. Let the chocolate and butter slowly melt, stirring occasionally with a spoon. When the chocolate and butter is melted together, take off the heat and leave to cool for a couple of minutes.

While the chocolate is melting, measure out the rich tea biscuits and break up into pieces.

Roughly chop up the white chocolate and the remaining plain chocolate. Place them to one side with the chopped nuts.

Back to the slightly cooled chocolate, now if the moment to add the Cointreau if you're using it. Pour it in and stir through thoroughly.

Add the crumbled rich tea biscuits and stir in. Next add in the chocolate and chopped nuts and again stir into the mixture.

Now take your loaf tin and run it under the cold tap for a moment, then shake of the excess water so that it's damp rather than wet. Tear off enough clingfilm to line the bottom and sides of the tin. Don't worry if you have too much, you can just fold it over the top of the slice.

Spoon the mixture into the loaf tin and pack down using a fork.

Fold the excess cling film over the top of the flattened mixture and put in the fridge to set for 2 hours.

After 2 hours (or more if you forget about it like I did the first time I made it) remove from the fridge and tin and unwrap the log from the cling film.

Turn out on a plate or board and peel away the remaining clingfilm. Serve by cutting into slices and scoffing as many as possible without feeling sick. Enjoy!


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