Smart Cookies

Joanna Schaffalitzky — 

On Friday 2nd of July, the Irish Foodies once again took to our kitchens in a synchronised cookie cooking extravaganza. This time suggested by Sarah and DinnerduJour. The others taking part were Babaduck Babbles, Like Mam Used to Bake, The Daily Spud (suprisingly with no potatoes), Uplifting Food, Bibliocook, Gluttony for Beginners and not forgetting Theresa from The Green Apron, who agreed to ajudicate this time around.

As my Beau was out galivanting for the evening, I pottered over to my parents' house to use their much nicer and bigger kitchen to cook in. I brought with me a bag full of ingredients and my copy of the Best-Ever Book of Cookies by Catherine Atkinson, which no longer seems to be in print. Though this book seems to be the latest version.

Unfortunately while we were trying to tweet about our cookie creations, Twitter was having a bit of a meltdown. However, we valiently cooked on, posting pictures as we could and hoping they would make it past the defences of the Fail Whale.

During the week coming up to our twookieparty, there was a lot of chatter about who was going to bake what. As usual though, I left my planning to the last minute and spent my lunch break trawling through the cookie book and then running to the nearby supermarket to stock up on supplies. My final choices were;

I made the chocolate slice first and put it into the fridge to cool and set for 2 hours while I put the oven into overdrive with the other two.

The next thing I put together was the peanut crunch cookies. Both these and the chocolate nut slice are some of the easiest cookies I've ever made and very tasty too! The batter for the peanut crunches only takes about 15 mins to throw together.

Pop into the oven for another 15 mins and they're ready to eat.

While the peanut crunches were cooling, I had a break and a little dinner before setting into the challenge of the triple chocolate cookies. I actually think that there might be an error in the recipe for these as the mixture is more crumbly then I would have expected. However, they do cook up alright and are quite tasty.

They have lots of chocolate in them, as you would expect, as well as my favourite, macadamia nuts.

When the triple chocolate cookies had finished cooking, I took the chocolate nut slice from the fridge and cut a couple of slices to try. Hands down this is the best recipe and an excellent thing to prepare as a dessert or served with tea or coffee.

Once again I had a super evening with the other Irish foodies through the medium of Twitter. I really enjoy the challenge of finding something new to cook and showing off the results to others doing the same thing. I can't wait for our seafood evening in August!

UPDATE: The winner of the Twookie Party was Like Mam Used to Bake, who made these delicious Peanut Butter Button Cookies. Congratulations to her on the win!


Daily Spud

Re: Smart Cookies

Ah, see, the surprise *was* that I used no potatoes - but that does not guarantee that I will not use potatoes in a future cookie :D

Meanwhile, well done on your own contributions to the party - they all look like very worthy twookies!


Re: Smart Cookies

Ah ha! Very cunning of you indeed, though I would be interested in seeing a potato based biscuit. Could be quite interesting.

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