Winter Warmers on the Web

Joanna Schaffalitzky — 

This week and last week I have been mainly cooking warm winter dishes. I also have a growing urge to bake some bread, as there is nothing nicer than warm bread with butter melting into it, but I digress.

The cold water has me making a lot of soup, but I've also been trawling around the web looking for other interesting winter dishes to try. The Daily Spud has provided a couple of classics in the form of borscht and and interesting take on neeps and tatties. The former I might try with my mum as she's been getting a lot of beetroot lately in her organic veg bag, the latter I really want to try but my beau is not a fan of turnip, so it'll have to be on an evening that he's not around.

On Tuesday I discovered a brace of stew recipes from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on the Guardian's site and made this delectable beef stew with cheddar cobbler. It was really tasty freshly made but we've also been enjoying it warmed up for our lunches at work. Jon's opinion on it was "Yum!", which means I'll be adding this into my regular round of dinners.

One of my other favourite food blogs I Can Has Cook? has also been cooking up stew, using that encyclopedia of online recipes the BBC Good Food Recipe site. She's gone back to her roots with an Irish stew, which has reminded me that I must ask my mum for her Irish stew recipe.

What are your favourite winter dishes? Do you cook anything unusual during the winter? Let me know, I'd love to add another dish to my winter repetoire.


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