Chicken, Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup

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Now that you’ve made your chicken stock, you’re probably wondering what are you going to do with it. To help you out of this dilemma here is my almost foolproof soup recipe. I’m making it with carrots, sweet potato and leftover roast chicken, but you can make it out of any kind of vegetables you like. Don’t worry if you don’t have homemade stock, the instant stuff will work too.

Chicken Stock
4 pints
Sweet Potatoes
Chicken (optional)
Fresh Ginger
at least an inch
2 cloves
Other Requirements

A chopping board, a sharp knife, a large pot and some sort of blender.

Unfortunately this recipe involves a lot of peeling and chopping of vegetables, which is one of my least favourite things to do as I find it a little tedious, but the effort is well rewarded in end.

First, you need to peel and dice your onion and garlic, then place them to one side, out of the way.

Next up is the sweet potato which needs to be peeled and diced into small cubes. I find the best way to peel the sweet potato is using a potato peeler. Also, watch out as the sweet potato can be quite hard to chop as it is fibrous, so it’s easier to cut in one direction than the other.

It’s probably best to also peel and chop up the carrot and ginger now as well so that they’re ready to throw into the pot as soon as you need them. My top tip for peeling the ginger is to use a spoon! Amazingly this peels away all the skin with very little of the flesh going with it.

Heat up some vegetable or sunflower oil in the pot and add the onion, garlic and sweet potato and sweat them for a couple of minutes until the onion starts to turn translucent. Just a note: if you’re making this with other vegetables, it’s important to have something starchy like sweet potatoes or normal potatoes in order to thicken the soup. It’s also advisable to keep the onion, just to add a little more flavour, though you can also use leek to get the same effect.

When the onion has turned translucent, add the carrots and ginger and stir through and add the stock.

Shred your leftover chicken into the pot, bring the mixture to the boil, then drop the heat and leave to simmer for 45 mins to an hour. You’ll know it’s ready when the vegetables are soft.

When the vegetables are soft, its time to blend the soup. I use a stick blender, which I can honestly say is one of the best purchases that I’ve ever made, but you can ladle it into an upright blender, but this is a bit more time and effort intensive.

Blend the soup until it’s smooth and season with salt and pepper to taste. You can, if you’re feeling a little naughty, add a little butter or cream, which makes the texture really smooth and velvety.

Finally, sit down and enjoy with a slice a bread.


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