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Welcome to Smörgåsblog. An Irish based food blog written by myself, Joanna Schaffalitzky and (hopefully) other contributors. We’re aiming to provide a pick and mix of recipes, reviews of all types, and discussions on cooking methods, ingredients etc.

This has taken quite a bit of work to get off the ground and I would like to quickly thank all those who have been involved, supplying help, advice and enthusiasm and kept me on track with this project. Big thanks go to my beau, Jon who built this site from the ground up.

I am aiming to update this every Monday and Friday barring technical snafus (such as currently being unable to find the cable I need to release pictures from my camera).

I hope you enjoy it and if you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us at:

And just to keep you interested - here's a picture of some bread I'll be making in the future!



Re: Welcome to Smörgåsblog

You're very welcome dear. I'm sure there'll be a few hiccups at first (such as the way the recipes page 404s because you haven't put up a recipe yet), but I'll keep an eye out for anything going wrong on the technical end, you just worry about the yummies :)

Daily Spud

Re: Welcome to Smörgåsblog

An impressive loaf of bread to be sure! Good luck with the blog, will be reading with interest.


Re: Encouragement

Well done Joanne & Jon on a great site and I shall enjoy poping in from time to time and reading the latest culinary delights! I'll send you some of my favourite recipes for you to try out!


Re: Welcome to Smörgåsblog

My, that *is* a big loaf of bread

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